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The Blue Ocean Strategy by Innovation

Long Chang Mechanical Industrial Co., Ltd. Taiwan in pursuit of breakthrough and progression boldly has been the top maker of the rubber/silicon injection molding machinery and hydraulic compres­sion molding machine trusted by clients since the founding in 1971 and the machinery made has been widely used for production and manufacturing of melamine products, EVA foam tires, conductive rubber, etc. Long Chang makes the tailor-made solution via inno­vation on the basis of rich experience over 40 years available to each client.

Based on combination of advanced mechanical theory and expertise in practice and ownership of knowhow skills, the issues confronting our clients and mechanical capacities are solved and raised rapidly from the mechanical basics, respectively. Through development of equipment with high precision, high stability and high output, the value is added for our clients. In year of 2003, Ningbo Long Chang Mechanical Industrial Co., Ltd. launched in China aims at stable development for internationaliza­tion and sustainable administration to lead clients creating enor­mous opportunities.

Sustainability via R&D for Clients

Each client is valued and trust given is cherished, so Long Chang is dedicated to constant growth and progress in pursuit of betterment for the competitiveness against the competitors pursuant to accomplishment of the followings: procurement of the cutting edge equipment and co-development of the cutting edge technology in association with domestic and foreign colleges and schools and rubber and plastic R&D institutes and centers. In our opinion, each accomplishment is the fruit of the previous contribution and dedication, so Long Chang expects to be trusted by each client via equipment with firm structures and precision faithfully and honestly. This is why Long Chang has been dedicated to administration and committed to such mission.

Long Chang Mechanical Industrial Co., Ltd. Taiwan




Making the perfection more perfect.



Always be loyal to the obligation; give more than enough thought to operate the business.



Industry build country and re-feed to society.



Creation &and research serve customer with professional designed products under well research and manufacturing.

Future Expectation

Sustainability via R&D for Clients

In response to the era that keeps evolving, Long Chang that used to be the conventional manufacturing industry attempts to regroup the corporate attribute to the manufacturing services industry. It is our attempt to deliberate design at the perspective of each client in pursuit of advanced automatic equipment integration toward Industry 4.0, to meet the multiple demands of the clients and to create high-performance quality and values for them as well. In addition, the changeable demands of the market are met real time by the point-to-point services network in Taiwan in terms of contract with dealers, technical collaborations and alliance with business partners of other industries. The future blueprint includes the followings: proactive expansion of the global market by increasing sales spots nationwide and worldwide and tailor-made solutions that connect our client and the world for corporate sustainable administration.

Patent & Certificate

Acquired the certificate of petent for rubber injection molding machine in 1996.

Obtained the CE certificate of mechanical safety in 2013.